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we handle actully in the real


Brand new

It has been installed a slide-gallery.

also a Chat-room


Please inform other people allso and give us a chance !

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The real museum - sappam -


This is only one of our eyecatchers weeks ago

Please, don't ferget our slide-gallery

Friedrichstr. 33 - D 06366 Köthen Anhalt, Germany
Tel.. 0049 3496 6851620 Fax: 0049 3496 6851869 E-Mail: unaumann@unau.de

Our collection actually consist of more then 1560 items, we present on this homepage today. Arround 350 homemovie cameras and other units be used form those cineasts years ago, are ilustrated as well in the slide-galery.




Are you looking for some
objects, on museum´s stock

or one, the museum is
looking for

finally, all registered objects at the moment on sappam

Brand new

A archive has benn installed !

Since 03/01/2009 this sites are instaled for public information, presenting more then 2000 different items we have in our collection. Mainly cameras in super 8 and movie cameras single 8 format have been described, part in detail and others still prepared for marking, signing and finaly to be added to the sappam catalog

This cyberspace counts
  more then 3200 sites.  

Since today has been registered
more then 2000 unites.